Saturday, November 25, 2006

One of the lessons I hope the Bug is able to learn from our family is that
families take all shapes and sizes. What matters most is that you surround yourself
with those that love you. We are far from many friends and family that care for us and there are some that live just a few blocks from us. I hope this distance teaches the Bug that time and space don't matter one wit if you love someone.

Some of those distant friends came for a visit just before we went to AZ. The Bug is in the blue coat and his friend Lodo is in the red. Yes, oddly similar. Yes, they come from completely different gene pools.

And, yes, they shared germs! Hurrah for all! There are very few good pics of these two together, even though they spent most of their time playing together. All of the pics they are either running into frame, or out of frame or are eating each other's food, which is just too gross for me in my current gestating state. I am recovering from the "cold from a distant land" in addition to the nausea that just compounds logrithmically with every passing day.

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This is a pic of the Bug and his Bopa and Nana and Knute with sunset so gorgeous it would be a waste of time to try and describe how the picture lacks. The Bug insisted on wearing a costume throughout our Thankful holiday. Why wouldn't you want to wear a leopard costume in 80 degree weather while eating stuffing??Posted by Picasa
We had a great eating holiday in AZ with Nana and Bopa. Here's a pic of the Bug watching the sand fall at Bopa's church's playground. Oh, how I am envious of the time my son gets to watch sand fall. It is my most favorite past-time; watching the world fall through my hands. Posted by Picasa