Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not sure who had more fun this weekend...Bug, family, or myself watching the whole laughing mess unfold....
My parents and sister flew into town to join my other sister and her husband's family for a big ol' happy mess of fun. Above, Bug is watching his maternal grandparents fall to the floor at the end of "ring around the rosie." He's choosing to let them fall...heck if I just mastered walking just last year, I'd let everyone else fall too.

One of the things that I pray that Bug knows about himself as he ages is the utter joy that is at his core. Sometimes unbridled as he tries to find his Auntie's face under her hair.

Sometimes with wonderment at the act of giving....

Sometimes with concentration that only a one-and-some-year-old can muster at the act of figuring out how to open a present. But always, he spent a good part of his first two years looking at the world with strong and solid joy. I hope he never, ever lets anyone take that away from him. I am so honored that I get to remember the wonderful gifts at my own core as I watch him grow. I wonder what good things number two will bring our way???
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bug likes to take my hand, especially in new situations. I know it won't last forever, but I also know it's not over yet. So each time he grabs my hand with his wide soft palm, I am in heaven and ready to talk about anything he wants to know amidst the rows of Christmas Trees.
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Bug has the word "more" down in all senses of it. More food, more time to play, more books, more toys. Delightfully, he also uses the word "more" in the most quiet and gentle way. He says it when he wants you to tell him more about all that is going on. In this picture, Bug has whispered "more" to me and pointed at a man who was sawing off the bottom of our tree. The man is just in the distant left, off the edge of the picture.
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Bug was intrigued with the lights and we couldn't get a darn one on the tree with him running and shouting and dancing through them. I wrapped him up in them and pretended he was the Christmas tree.
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We hung Christmas ornaments from his hands and tried to tuck presents under his feet.
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Then, Bug had enough of the lights. We unwrapped him and he went off to play with his trucks. Most of our decorations are on the top third of the tree because he is pretty tall for a two year old; and pretty strong. I used to think that animals and Christmas trees were a headache! Bah!
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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Beware...bruises, rinds, and boogers...oh my!

A peaceful picture for such a busy place. Posted by Picasa
A tripod and a 30 second shutter.
The boy's FIRST merry-go-round.
What a blast - for me at least - he didn't start talking
about the horse until we were in the car 10 min later.

Not a bad photo with the camera-phone
especially considering that we were spinning
and he was bouncing up and down while
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Friday, December 8, 2006

12 wks - stunning

Quite a day. Big brother was more interested in watching horses but the 3" little wonder was breathtaking to mom and dad. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 3, 2006

The action shot with the hat below should tell you that we were at a birthday party. A real, live, small kid birthday party this weekend. Bug tolerated the party hat for about ten minutes and I think he granted us ten minutes because it was yellow and yellow has been his favorite color since he was born. He stared at yellow warning labels, yellow toys, and yellow shirted people even when he was just a few months old.

Bug also tried paints this weekend and by tried, I mean he tried paints in all senses of the word. He looked at them, tasted them, felt them in his hands, rubbed them on his cheeks, tried to throw a fist of paint...the only reason he didn't get messier was because the party people at the art store where the party was held contained the situation. I think they should be employed to contain other messes like the Enron scandal, Katrina, and Iraq. These guys were pros man...

Note the absence of cake at Bug's plate. I think it's good for him to learn at an early age that he can't eat all the foods that everyone else eats. He just can't and fair for other kids (eating cake) is not fair for him (staying alive vs. eating cake). Still, poor kid ate paint (earlier), fruit and swedish fish. In the words of M.D., that just stinks.

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