Friday, June 29, 2007

in utero dreams

Though Baby G is even now so much bigger than when these pictures were taken, she still has this preferred sleeping position. I'm sure that this position is similar to the one that she had when she was in utero. It's still in her eyes, this longing for the swishy warm place beyond wants; wanting a clean diaper, to nurse, to hear the crashing of my heartbeat.

Who can blame her? Bug has never seen something so much smaller than himself and he's unsure of what to do with her. He can't squeeze her like his main squeeze Lucy. He can't play trucks with her. He's resigned himself to blowing raspberries on her toes, parking his trucks into her tummy to adults' disapproval and placing stickers all over her while she nurses. Baby G and I are sitting ducks.
But, I'm glad she's out for more reasons than one. The latest reason I'm glad she's here is that we have loads of visitors. Please come see us as often as you wish. This new face on the block is growing faster than your heart can skip a beat and the Bug needs some lovin' too.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baby Gigi

I am forever trying to catch how tiny Baby G is against us large type humans. I tried with Bug and never quite caught it. I think this pic gets close to capturing the tiny self... But I've only got a few more days before she's bigger than when she was born.

Bug and Baby G both practiced their smiles and frowns in their sleep and then slowly brought them out for show later on. Baby G's smile is wide and goofy and the most welcoming thing I've seen in a long time. I can't wait to catch it on film, but until then, you'll have to enjoy her popeye face that she makes when she wakes up.
I caught her dreaming of trains the other afternoon. She takes after her brother. I'm off to join her. Enough sleep to dream of trains or any such thing would be wonderful...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Mystery Solved!

I swore to my younger sisters and to dear friends such as CC that I would indeed make sure that there were plenty of pictures of Bug's siblings. Of course, the story goes that the oldest gets the most pictures, middle children get the least because the parents are super tired, and the youngest child gets a slight increase in photos mostly because the parents know that the picture will document moments like, "the last first smile," "the last first tooth," "the last first etc. etc." I'm here to holler "NO! You've been told a lie younger siblings of the eldest!" Here's what really happened today. I was trying to capture this look on Baby G's face. I was hoping to show my youngest sister that Baby G has a look about her when she sleeps that reminds me of when she herself slept in the nursery at the Cherry Lane House thirty years ago. But I was the only one with the camera and Papa was "teaching Bug how to play with a new train set."
Above marks one of many, many attempts to capture her look. Please consider the following submissions as a one-handed photo documentary on what Mama does while Baby G sleeps. (Woot. Glad I went to college.) I either caught just a nose...
or my knee...

or overexposed the poor dear. I also documented the full range of lint, dust, yuck, and muck that I missed on my last cleaning of the house, pre-Baby-G. Imagine if you will the time before digital. If it were me, I'd pitch all these pics. No way would I want to keep any of these around as ammunition and proof of yet another way I'd failed my child in the middle of a teen-fight. ("What? You thought your knee was more important than my nascent slumber??") Nope. I would just want to look as competent as possible. I'd forget trying to capture it just so and be thankful for the sweet moment that I actually did seize.
So I'm trying my best to photograph Baby G, but I'm failing miserably and choosing to savor these fast and fleeting times I do have. We are loving every moment, photographed or not, with Baby G.
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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Our camera is in the shop being fixed. That's why there are few pics and more words with the last month's blog. Maybe that's why Starbuck isn't making an appearance yet. Who would want to show face if it was only going to be out of focus?