Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tee Hee

Not much to say. Just some photographic remnants that make me smile.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

A "monthday" and counting...

These pics were taken during Baby G's 3 month birthday. We tried to capture her giving one of her easy grins, but she's just thrilled with the fact that she can now stretch her arms out in front of herself upon command.
M has a camera that takes pics in rapid succession. I thought you might all like to witness G's burp in
frame-by-frame beauty. The best part of these pictures for me is that she can't take her eyes off of what Bug is trying to teach her about his current objet d'amor. They are beginning to love each other as siblings and it's the best just to shut up and watch...
I've commented before on how much I am overwhelmed with the sense of time, more so than before I had children. There is a technique that I'm sure you've all heard from some magazine or yoga instructor or mental health ad on the side of a bus. It says something like, "When you feel like you're going to lose your temper, count to ten before you respond." The other day I was tired and grumpy and so was Bug and so was M and so was G sooooo before responding to something that was beginning to irritate me, I can't even remember what now, I thought to myself that it was the perfect time practice this counting thing...I inhaled, said the word "one," exhaled, and inhaled again and said the word, "two." By the time I got to the fourth breath, I didn't even want to respond or keep breathing...I had too much to do. Finish dinner, change two diapers, acknowledge a husband, pick a toy up off the floor that nearly impaled my foot, let a neighbor in, hose off a child before sitting down to dinner...etc.
I guess I learned for myself to think of what I'd rather get done instead of getting angry. Right now, it's a very long list and includes laundry, window washing, toilet cleaning, and wearing something without spitup for 24 hours, and playing (_______insert any vehicle name) with my son while G drools in awe. Our porchlight is on 24 hours, come by any time and pitch in.
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nursing Tutorial

Please note, I have nothing against bottle-fed babies. Bug was bottle fed for a while and I was entirely bottle fed. Bottle fed babies are the generation that invented the internet, the blackberry, and quantum physics. However, I find that those who bottle fed their babies often do not know how to refer to nursing mamas and their little ones. Below I offer a brief and humorous tutorial with actual quotes...most likely from a few of you reading....

This little girl is Baby G. She nurses. She is not an inanimate object, like, say...a gas tank. She does not need to be "filled up," or "topped off." Last I checked, she was not in college with a drinking problem so she does not need "a guzzle, a swig, or a chug." She is too young for oysters so she does not need a "slurp." Below is a picture of me, her mama. I am not an inanimate object either. I am not the "chuck wagon, cafe, or luncheonette." I am not an "all night diner" nor a "buffet."
If you are worried that Baby G is hungry, simply ask, "When does she nurse next?" or "How does she act when she's hungry?" Most likely she is cranky because you are not talking enough to her or changing her diaper. Changing her diaper and talking to her would be more helpful than referring to me as "the eats." Baby G is a lovely little baby who is a whopping 14 lbs. at 3 months. She is this healthy because I have "nursed" my baby into a strong and loving little girl. I bathe her, feed her, make sure she sleeps, and feels as little pain as possible. A lovely Seattle September has begun. It's cool this evening and the flock of crows that nests on the East side of the hill have just flown overhead. I have nursed Baby G and she is fast asleep in my lap....
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

10 years

10 years. We've been married 10 years. I've sat at this computer most of the day. G has spit-up on the keyboard and Bug has strewn drill bits and blank cd's all over M's office floor while I've tried to figure out what else to tell you about these 10 years. We've eaten lunch, gone to kindermusic, and found a huge spider outside the living room window and still when I return to this picture from Berlin in 2002, I've no idea what to tell you about the past ten years. I think I like this picture because of the stone carvings fading off behind my head. The carvings go off into the distance and lead the eye to the city behind us, but really, there's not much to any city unless I'm seeing it with M. We can look at the same thing and have two different impressions, but I always end up being more of the person I want to be with him around. The room still swells with tenderness when M enters, even when I'm lost and afraid.