Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bladerunner: The Final Cut

Last night, CC came by to wear her Kitty Towel Birthday Present and watch Bug and Sweet G while M and I went to Bladerunner at the Cinerama. Huge Screen. A night out before M starts his new job. Perfect!
I love movies and I respect the institution of a dark theater and a good flick. Last night, in the 25 minutes preceeding Bladerunner's start time of 7:30, the following happened: CC came, (phone rang) an electrician also came (Bug tantrum) over to the door to finish off work upstairs, Sweet G had to (phone rang) nurse and get her jammies on and go to sleep, workmen checked in regarding all of their super work outside, dinner (phone rang) of chicken, broccoli and fougasse on the table along with dishes and beverages, a mild alarm about missing (phone rang) plants that were just planted (Bug tantrum) the night before, jammies and epi-pen (phone rang) and hydroxizine out for Bug, eat, found glasses, drove to cinema, found parking, ran to cinema, and entered theater during the opening scene.
Yes, the soundless scoffing was palpable by the over 30 crowd in their super soft outerwear made from recycled milk jugs. I would have scoffed myself pre-children. "What?! The best sci-fi ever! You know the time people!" But I have kids and I did plan to leave at 7. The best laid plans were mislaid in a loving and busy household. I apologize to all I have silently scoffed at in the past. You poor dears. Bladerunner rocked.
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Baby G's Story

Baby G is a very confident little girl. She is really comfortable in her own skin and there's really no questioning that. She is all right with just about anyone giving her time and when she's happy, she's happy and when she's miffed, she'll let you know that too. Alaska was not a hard trip on her because she got to hang with people one way or another...on a pouch bundled up or in Zizi's lap nakey nakey and all..
She's at that age that enjoys the things that we miss or forget to enjoy. The button Matt's cap in this pic. It is probably more interesting than a set photo to mark our journey of all of us together. I've looked at the button since this photo to see what she liked so much. It's shiney, round and there is a convergence of stitching just under it. Way cooler than staring at a little black box...way cooler. Puppy B gets the idea. The two are sympatico.
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Bug's Alaska Story.

If you had paid me before we left for our trip to Alaska, I could have zero'd out your carbon emission footprint by harnessing the green (and sometimes smelly, sticky, slimy, snotty) energy that Bug exuded 24/7. I have friends that are able to pick out ONE picture from a trip and post it, but there is just too much to tell and show after Alaska. So, here's Bug with UDP and Zizi. Maps were a huge part of Bug's Alaska story and just about any folded paper became a map and Bug started to "co-pilot" whenever someone asked his/her way.
Below is Bug dressed in Baby G's hat and a Vietnamese headress of Zizi's. He's apparently dressed "for work with UDP." I never knew this was the preferred dress of dentists. Perhaps, its just an Alaska thing. Perhaps, I've let my experience in the lower 48 cloud my judgement of what is professional. Viva Alaska!
I like it when we have people around us, enjoying my children, because I get a chance to step back and see the big person my little boy is becoming. He is very strong and very kind and loves the reason and the mystery in things of late...
Admittedly, I'm not surprised that Alaska is the one place that has worn Bug out.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Too Much

There's way too much to tell you about Alaska. There will be more pictures as I have time to weed through them all, but I hope it suffices to say the following:

Whoever said, "Don't mess with Texas," never went to Alaska. The mountains and mudflats make our towns and roads seem silly. The only thing more overwhelming than those mountains is how much love I feel for my family.
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Elephant Attack

So, no, M has not downloaded the AK trip pics yet. And, yes, there's too much to say anyway. I thought I'd share this picture of Bug in the interim. He's got this elephant towel from costco that he adores. When he wears it, it is as if the costume calls him to attack you with all the lovin' a terry cloth elephant could muster. Watch out!
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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dancing with Papa

Listen closely and you can hear her laugh.

Get Your Soy On!

There is an edge to parenting a child with allergies as severe as Bug's. Not drama...just an edge. Every time you step out of the house, even into a known environment, you worry. Today at Spanish class, his eyes puffed. Is it a cold? Is it milk residue on some toy? Did I give him a piece of toast with new ingredients including a wacky form of milk (ie, casein?) in it? Did I bring an epi-pen? Is the epi-pen up to date? All this in the second it takes to look at him and look at your watch and think, okay, I give this one minute..."

I safeguard, have three epi-pens with me at all times;car, pocket, stroller, diaper bag...make that four. But still...mistakes have been made and I have made them all. Auntie Zizi says that it's a numbers game. I'm the caretaker and foodshopper...of course I'll read a list incorrectly. She's right. But who cares if she's right when my heart's breaking because my kid talked about the ER for the first time today with detail that is odd for a two year old, even with Bug's vocab. "Nurse Lisa gave me three shots. I had three shots at the ER. One here. One here. One in my arm right here. I cried and cried and coughed like this..." Do you remember your nurse's name from your last ER visit?

I have tried to be between Bug and food for years and I'm learning that I can't do it alone. It is impossible to do it alone. I am thankful for the ER. Thankful for my family and my friends that care enough to be vegan around us all the time, especially when we don't have to ask them to put their kids milk away - just for the short time we visit, or explain again how life threatening his allergies are. It matters when you are vegan around us. We get to have as many moments like the ones above as we want.

Baby G and the Tractor

I'm trying to learn how to post some videos of the kidlettes onto blogger. Blogger makes me a tad cranky as sometimes I work really hard on a posting and it just gets eaten by the Bloggermonster. Bloggermonsters are good friends with the Sockmonsters that hide in the dusty corners of my laundry room. I have a feeling they gorge themselves on all things cute like baby pics and baby socks . Email me if this works. If so, more will follow....

Thursday, October 4, 2007