Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bug Chronicle

So, he's potty training and he loves, loves, loves his "Cars -The Movie" training pants. So much so that at least one pair is used throughout the day as anything but training pants. They are a hat, a blanket, a tunnel, whatever....and I guess that's good news.
Bug is also very much into the order of things. He likes to know where everyone is ("Nana, you at Walmart?") and why they are there ("Papa working in Scotland."). He plays with the order of things too. His favorite thing is to put things down for a nap and then let chaos reign. So, all my dishtowels are covering all sorts of objects; cars, plastic animals, blocks, forks, diapers, pacifiers, everything...then Bug runs around the house, shuts off all the lights. Then yells, "Wake up all you people!" flicks on the lights and then tosses the "everything." Bananas fly into the air, dish towels land on Boop's head, blocks get lost down the heating vents...until he decides that they all must sleep again...he is the ruler of his world.
I also pulled off a lovely vegan plus fowl Thanksgiving and was the calmest I'd been at a holiday in three years - except for the Easter at Uncle K's. 
He knew how to handle a food allergy better than I did. This year, no worries that Bug would stop breathing and I think everyone had a good time. No one seemed to miss the butter. Including Bug, who couldn't stay out of anyone's family photo....
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Baby Boop Chronicle

The above picture is a "before" Baby Boop liked food and the below picture is an "after." For the longest time, Baby Boop did not like food. She'd try it, and just couldn't quite figure out what the deal was. The spoon was cool to play with, but food? Food? She's always game, never put up a fuss, but just couldn't hide the disappointment that I hadn't gotten the idea that she didn't like food since the last time we tried. I had gotten to the point where I'd say, "Yes, I tried that too and she still didn't like eating solid food."
Now, she hums, growls, even fusses...yes the Boop fusses...One evening M tried feeding her and now she demands food after about 4:30 every night for this past week. Her noises are kind of like the noises you'd expect Cookie Monster to make if he wasn't eating for an audience. Lip smacking, humming, growling. It's so funny compared to where we were even a week ago.
In other news, yes, that's paint on her bum. Mimi came for a short visit while M was away for two weeks. Praises be. We'd had a complete morning of ignoring Bug while rearranging furniture and tidying and painting bits of my continually remodeled house. So, when Boop woke, he felt we surely wouldn't be able to care for her either and put "lotion" on her bottom. Notice the accuracy, right where Desitin should be. There is still debate as to whether or not he knew it was paint or lotion. Takers?
Finally, Boop's Cinco Months Old! Whoop and a holler. Off to growl while I eat. Grrrrrr.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just pictures

Just a few cute pictures from Halloween. Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Huge and busy autumnal month! In addition to a great vacation in Alaska, we also repaired our leaking dormer and finished the deck that M had intended to be a two-day project back in August when Nana and Bopa first came to see Sweet G and Bug. Nana and Bopa visited again with Uncle Jeff in tow. A few days of fishing and visiting and M is a new man. We also celebrated Halloween and this year Bug knew what it was about and despite allergies, he acheived a full-on sugar-high.

Bug was a firefighter (Go Ty!) and Sweet G was a fire hydrant. Bug and I painted cardboard red and cut out the appropriate fittings for her red snowsuit. Sweet G is up for anything, anything. The girl's got game as they say. At four months, she looks ready to hold a bag out and beg for sweets with her cuteness.

Halloween doesn't seem to be Halloween without the pre-party at Auntie Mae's. Lots of treats, no tricks, and no ER visits. I say that's the perfect end to a busy month.
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