Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Bug not only has his own drummer, but his own band...his own live band broadcasting in full-surround sound. We started swimming lessons at Colman Pool. He wore his most favorite towel to the pool and he's in the class with kids that are just too cool for the pool. Climbing out and getting dried off, one of the moms said, "Oh look at that boy's towel," and snickered. For a moment my heart sunk. I hadn't dressed him right for the pool. Her son said, "I'd never wear thaaaat." Bug just looked at him and said, dead pan, straight in the eye, "I don't want to play with you." I wish I had that solid core when dealing with some of the combat moms in the 'hood. It doesn't matter if you "don't get my kid," because he doesn't need to be gotten....he's already left you far, far behind. I'm sorry Bug. I'm following your lead next time on situations like this....but not with things like cookies for dinner.
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Friday, June 20, 2008


Unlike her in-utero namesake, Starbuck, aka Snack aka Baby G, is a thinker and she's thought the following through most thoroughly just like her mama and her aunties....
She's much more intersted in climing than walking. Yes. I am worried for my future.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Overwhelmed Deuce

I get overwhelmed with all the stuff we have and can have and have had. Especially with the kid thing...there's always stuff and gifts and presents. I worry about the oil that goes into the plastics for the safe baby stuff and the formeldahyde to preserve clothes that are shipped across oceans to the hundreds and thousands of targets and costcos and high end baby foofoo shops.
But, for the Snack's birthday I had pictures of her up - marking each month of her first year on our earth and in each picture there are the things that we have been given. A blanket from Jen, a book from Mimi, a toy from Zizi, a shirt from Nana... We are surrounded by the things that people have given us to care for our little ones when they are not here to care for us. These are things that I know are not given lightly.
So, I have surrendered to the things. Many, many thanks. We are off to play with a new puzzle.
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

P as in Party Girl

We had the best party yesterday. We were surrounded by most of the Seattle contingent that just takes the best care of us. I am so happy and thankful for the sweet souls that play with us and care for us. I made the best cake ever and I'm not afraid to toot my own horn on that one. After three years of vegan experiments, I have perfected the cake that everyone, even "not cake people" like Ms. T, loved. I am thrilled.
The Birthday Girl loved being the birthday girl. We had pics of her up throughout the house from her first year with us and it was soooo much fun. She noticed the pictures right away and did her funny little happy dance at each one.
She posed for friends and cameras alike and was a surprisingly tidy eater of cake. But I think that comes from her joy regarding real food (so sick of the baby stuff...if she'd only actually get more teeth) and the fact that I made the best cake ever. Reallly, you missed the most awesome cake ever....Best you come out here for a visit and taste the miracle yourself. xoxoxoxo Mama J
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Friday, June 6, 2008

G-Snack is One!

Let me be very clear. I am not a Hallmark mom. I've never found my calling in my children. I am however so happy and honored to celebrate their lives in my life! Oh! I'm so excited! G-Snack is one!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Bug and the Snack went in for allergy testing today. Snack is clear of egg, milk, peanuts and blueberries thus far. Hurrah. Her hive outbreak was thought to be due to a virus...who knew viruses do that sort of thing. Whatever. But, Bug had a few more reactions that we are trying to pinpoint. This involves going to Children's Hospital and getting a blood draw. There we had a juice while we were waiting. We went to the cafeteria and there is a girl about 8 years old breathing through a tracheostomy with her hands bound in a certain position in her tricked out wheel chair with four different meds trickling into her veins. Bug goes up to her and says, "Hello little girl. I like your wheels." I love that about him. I love that about kids.
Bug is much healthier than 90% of the population at the hospital but also has the greatest risk of dying due to the pervasive nature of milk and eggs in our diet. No wheel chair, no meds, no trach. Just him in the world and he's got one of the a greater risks of dying.
Never judge a book by its cover. We're rollin off to bed.
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