Tuesday, September 13, 2011

moving forward

In other news, T-Bird used to aim his feet at a desired object and push himself backwards to get to his objet d'amour. For the past three days, he has not moved backwards at all. He has decidedly shed his backward looking ways and has begun to move forward. I'm taking it as a hint and setting up the letterpress with the help of my husband and kids. Looking forward to days of printing ahead. Thank you T-Bird!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

11 September 2011

A few of the things I did today. Had a breakfast of honeyed toast with bananas made by my eldest. Nursed my youngest and sniffed the top of his head before I put him down for a long quiet morning nap. Searched for a table on craigslist. Dressed my daughter in her daily wear of self-chosen mismatched mayhem. Cleared out the brush under our backyard plum tree. Ate the lunch my husband made me before we took the kids to roam a hardware store for this and that for the yard. Clipped back a few shrubs that my oldest delivered to our yardwaste bin in his tonka truck.Watched the sun hit the valley with its stupid-pretty rays at the end of the day. Read an entry from an encyclopedia about blue whales and also humpback whales to my oldest son while my youngest son kicked his feet in my arms and my daughter snored in the room down the hall. My youngest son kicks his legs when he is unquestionably happy which is pretty much all day. Have to say I was pretty happy too. And, writing my "list of good" is the best way I know how to honor a day with such a dusty history...

Friday, September 9, 2011


No stories for you about T Bird just yet. They are just mine and all mine for now. But, I will share this picture with you. He's certainly ready to tell you all our stories...Leave it to all of my offspring to do as they please rather than as I wish...

the zoo train

Lately, my stories have been longer and I just don't know why. They are what they are. But I do like the shorter stories and so, here is one. I took the kids last week to the zoo. We decided to pay extra for the zoo train. The zoo train is great to get away from the zoo. It is fun to stop at the Japanese Gardens, the Rose Gardens, and the Washington Park. It is not, however, good to see the zoo. We chugged thru prep areas, past dung piles, and exterior timber wrapped and waiting to be nailed to some exterior. I was so sleep-deprived that I could not find a sweet kid lie to live. I could not say, "Oh, Look! Woods!" Instead I said, "Oh Look! Exterior Lumber children! GREAT!" G was up on my down and said, "Hey mom, Here's a cheetah for you!" and struck the pose below. Yes indeed, the only wild life on the zoo train was my daughter.