Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

As you know, I am easily overcome even in the best of sleeping times. But this is year ? of questionable sleep and it is really showing. I forget moments immediately after they happen, like beating Big M at a third game of backgammon in a row. I triple book weekends (sorry KMK). I also no longer wear my emotions on my sleeve but brazenly across my chest. So September 11 is quite hard for me. And, when I try to offer a brief explanation after that sentence as to why, I just sit here writing and re-writing for over an hour whilst my youngest two sleep. So. I won't write why it is hard for me. It is. It will be. That's all I have right now. In honor of September 11, I am offering an update on our honest little girl. She too wears it all on her brazen chest and offers no pretense. Thankfully most of her emotions are varying degrees of pleasure as long as no bodily functions are involved. Eating, burping, pooping and the like are all very disturbing to her. Little M calls her our cockatiel. She is very fond of her recently grasped hands. That in fact is the second most cool thing on the planet to her - grasping her hands and looking at her thumbs and fingers be very thumb and finger-like. The most cool thing on the planet to her is settling into the crook of your arm and cooing up at your face. She can gurgle in the back of her throat and stick her tongue out and growl. Both of these acts were taught to her by her siblings. A good gurgle and growl. I have taken her lead and found that a good gurgle and growl can indeed get one through just about any day even with emotions on one's chest.